20140403-121904.jpgNot living in accordance with my ideals and myself, I have reached a point in my life where things have started to come apart. In denying the person that I really am and the life that I would have chosen (were external interference and influence not a factor), I have danced around but never properly committed to my desire to become a professional artist.

The result, years later, is a rapid and somewhat overwhelming decline.20140403-113218.jpgUnable to continue with the charade any longer – if only to escape the end that will otherwise inevitably be coming – I have been forced to leave my comfort zone in a bid to tend to my heart. To hold myself accountable, I have decided to keep a journal.

More than just a record of my attempts and my achievements: it is a container, carrying within it my hopes, goals, desires, excuses, fears and failures. Unedited, it is also a piece of art.

I have called it:

“Writing the Monster out of my Head: beating perfectionism, self-doubt and resistance, one chapter at a time.”

Because I believe it’s contents to be useful, I have chosen to share it.20140403-113238.jpgI hereby humbly invite you to follow me on my journey. If you choose to accept, I promise that for every fresh entry that I write – good, bad, ugly, happy, sad and in-between – you will receive a corresponding email.

First chapter coming soon… enter your details to sign up.

• If you can’t wait to receive the first instalment, or if you would like to know more, take a look at these extracts selected from the first five months.20140403-122819.jpg• View or buy my art at my online portfolio
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